Welcome to IRB-UTN Lab !!

Welcome to  Regional Bioengineering Institute  at   the National Technological University – Mendoza-Argentina !

We are making  a new style of  academic  management  and for us the relation with all over the world is  a very important and transcendent goal !!

In  Department of Electronics at UTN-Mendoza,    we are  committed  to develop  new technologies  for  enhancing  the well being of people and their health.

For us  the technology is much more than  hardware and software.

For us, technological design is a way to making up a better world and for this reason we want to work with you.  Anywhere you come from all over  the world.

At the Regional Bioengineering Institute-UTN there are no differences on religions, races or skin colors.

For us, people and their projects for building up health is the most important and in this objective we work together.  All together.  Without discrimination,  without academics titles , without sterile competitions  but with passion, commitment and enduring work.

From here and with this vision we invited you to join us and work  in our research  projects and start up about   health technologies   and  human well-being.

Biomedical technologies are a fascinating   and passionate area of  the human activity and at Electronics Department UTN-FRM – IRB,  we have the best labs for  researching and working   with this technologies.

If you are a student, professional or researcher abroad, please contact us through our contact form  and  tell us on what subject or topic you would like to  research  and  work at our lab !!

Mendoza is a very quiet and beautiful place  in Argentina and here you can find  friendly people and  the peace  necessary   to investigate, work     and  carry out  high-level projects   for improve the health of people and the world.

You will be  in a wonderful and natural landscapes of  paths among  mountains, rivers and  vineyards .

We are less than  eighty kilometers from Aconcagua which is the  highest   mountain of America at an incredible landscape for   physical exercise,  quiet walks,  meditation and inspiration for your  research and projects.

In the lab we have many people for assist you and help you in your work and study.  Please contact with us through our contact form and  tell us what do you want to do with us at our lab.  We are waiting for you !!